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If your dream is to get married in Italy, in one of the most popular and appreciated venues, such Como Lake, Wedding Planner Italy is the right solution for you: Wedding planner Como.

Wedding Planner Como

It is no accident that George Clooney or Robert Pattinson bought beautiful villas right on Como Lake. As it is no accident that we of Wedding Planner Italy have created the Wedding Planner Como which proposes different solutions according to your taste, your wishes and your budget.

Como Lake has always been a destination for tourists and celebrities, that come from all over the world, but besides what you already know, the lake has less well-known but incredibly wonderful locations. We of the Symphony Wedding have picked them up and chose them as a wedding frame to frame / remember. The lake is the ideal place for those who love exclusivity, relax and unique landscapes to admire in peace.

If your desire is to get married in an exclusive and dreamy place, let us realize it.

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Why Wedding Planner Italy?

Wedding Planner Italy is the only agency that plans a full involvement of your guests in Your Event. Your wedding will become the Event of the Year for them. They will be involved, through different ways, fueling their expectation. They will not think about flying, hotels, and money but only about when they will be there with you and for you.

Como Lake has an amazing charm with some of the most beautiful and sumptuous villas in Italy. The village of Bellagio is unforgettable, with its picturesque colorful houses on the rocky tip that divides the two branches of the lake. A truly enchanting place full of flowers and gardens, perfect location for a fairy tale wedding.


Wedding Planner Italy Free Your Time!

We of Wedding Planner Italy know how to adapt to your needs to fulfill your desires. There is not a unique recipe but there is the right recipe for you! Tell us the ingredients, we’ll do the rest.

Our Complete Package “Careless Package” includes all the services offered options including the most important service:

The Problem Solving Service!

Discover our proposals and entrust us with the service, Wedding planner Como to realize the wedding of your dreams!

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